Coffee is My Life!

The Coffee Bean Queen enjoying a cuppa joe!

Coffee is my life. It is the life juice that runs through my veins and the obsession which fuels my psyche. Coffee brings people together, coffee keeps you awake, coffee warms you up and coffee tastes so good. There is a particular science to coffee, from the “gardening” portion to the temperatures for roasting it. The science of tasting, or cupping, will be more discernable if you know what to look for. Let's briefly start off with basic coffee fundamentals.

A cup of coffee is at least 98% water, so the best way to get the proper coffee taste is to use filtered water. I have a Cuisinart Grind & Brew drip coffee maker, which has a replaceable charcoal filter and to be quite honest it is the best tasting coffee I have ever made at home. Although, I do make great coffee using my Bodum French Press, but I use bottled water. I advise against using distilled water because some minerals are missing and it gives the water itself a dead taste.

Then there's the coffee beans. Are you going to use Robusta coffee beans or Arabica coffee beans. There is a difference! Coffee roasting makes the biggest difference provided you have good quality beans. The majority of the coffee's flavor is in the roasting and many people are turning to home coffee roasters to ensure they get the coffee roast they require. After all, coffee is like wine - it has different nuances.

In order to get a fresh cup of coffee ensure the beans are ground right before making, using either a burr grinder or a blade grinder - and whatever you do make sure your coffee maker, whether it's a vacuum pot, a Turkish coffee pot, a French press, and your coffee grinder are clean. Using unclean grinders transfers previous coffee bean oils and gives the coffee a burnt flavor. C'mon this isn't rocket science.

Hope you enjoy the Coffee Bean Queen website and if you have any comments or concerns please pour yourself a cup of your favorite coffee and sit down to type me an email at

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