Coffee Accessories

A.K.A. Coffee Gear

If youve been reading this site at all you've realized what a great experience coffee can be. From the green coffee beans to the home coffee roaster, what could be more fun. I really know a good time when I see one. One of my cats, The Ancient Cat, says I am the most fun person she has ever met. Another one of my cats, Also says I party down! Bring on the coffee, I say.

However, if you have coffee and nothing to hold it in you may be burned severely from holding the coffee in your hand clasped cup. If you dont like being burned then you need some coffee accessories also known as coffee gear.

Coffee gear means coffee mugs. Your coffee mugs really tell a lot about you.

There are all kinds of other coffee accessories, I have lots and borrow others from friends. Sometimes you can find a real gem at the flea market. I don't like the coffee tins they have there, but like I said, sometimes you can get really cool coffee gear there.

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