Coffee Carafes

Coffee carafes keep your coffee hot for hours, but Im sure you already knew that. Dont you just love sitting in the garden, sipping coffee and then pouring more and more and more from the carafe until it turns twilight?

There are thermal carafes and glass carafes, which come with your coffee maker; they are sometimes called coffee pots. There are thermos (they are called flasks in the UK), which should be airtight to disallow spills. Then theres coffee carafes, which are insulated and most have a button to squeeze and pour. The benefit to thermos and the latter coffee carafe method is you can decant the coffee right after its brewed and the coffee does not cool right away, nor does the coffee burn.

Thermal Coffee Carafes:

Replacement Coffee Carafes for your coffee maker:

By the way, I once had a friend call a carafe a charaf…I laughed so hard my face hurt for days.

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