Coffee Service

So, the King of Canada is coming for tea, but you do not have any…what do you do? You could try soda or give him a glass of milk, but I think that would be in poor taste. What you could do is ask him to drink coffee. Get out your best coffee service and wow the pants off him. Honestly though, if the King of Canada is coming to your house for tea you have two problems…youre out of tea and you are lazy just go out and get some - and if the King of Canada shows up on your door you are delusional. There is no King of Canada, they have a Prime Minister.

A coffee service generally includes 8 cups, 8 saucers, a coffee carafe, a cream pitcher and a sugar bowl. It can be made from pottery, china or stainless steel. A proper coffee service must match and sometimes it includes sandwich plates.

Office Coffee Service

There is another type of coffee service and it is basically having coffee delivered to the office. Office coffee is very important for employee productivity. If you do not have coffee, staff go out to get some losing work time and staff may become tired and have that lack luster business etiquette.

There are a few types of coffee services available:

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