Coffee Urns

Where would I like my ashes to go when I die? Perhaps, a disused coffee urn or thrown into a coffee mug made in pottery class or even ground with my burr grinder into your coffee bit-by-bit.

Well, I guess a coffee urn needn't sound so somber afterall. A coffee urn is a coffee maker which can make enough coffee to feed a small army. You always see them at church socials and other places. I have to be honest and say, if you are going to make coffee in an urn ensure you are ready to serve the coffee. When I was a waitress, ok server if I'm going to be politically correct, we would set the urn up in advance and about ½ an hour before it was going to be served we would turn it on. You must serve it right away because most coffee urn machines are still boiling the water making the coffee taste faulty, sour and burnt.

Coffee urns generally are filled with water, a huge strainer-type filter is placed on a pole (pole is hollow and runs from center of the base) at the top. The water heats and is either sucked up the pole or boils over the filter and mixed together (with the filter holding in grounds).

Things to look for when purchasing a coffee urn:

If you're in the market for a coffee urn click on the links above to start your search. Remember the above points and for goodness sake, invite me to your shindig. I'll bring the coffee and the coffee urn!

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