Espresso Cups

Espresso cups are the cutest thing next to kittens. Look at them….mini cups, tiny little bundles of cuteness. Another name for these little beauties is the demitasse cup. They hold one to two ounces of espresso. Speaking of espresso, did you know that an espresso roast has less caffeine than other roasts?

One of the tricks to a great-tasting cup of espresso is to warm the espresso cup first. Many espresso machines have warmers built-in on the top. I quite like the sexy Bodum espresso machine, which has a dome to keep the espresso cups hot.

Most espresso cup shapes are similar. It is just the materials which are different in their construction. It is generally not tulip-shaped like wine glasses, but cylindrical shaped, so it gives an even whole flavor and keeps the heat regular. It also allows you to see the crema in its finest form.

The stainless steel espresso cups keep the heat in perfectly. They look snazzy, are easy to clean and are well worth the investment. You can also get them in an espresso service. Porcelain espresso cups look pretty and elitist, but they really dont keep the heat in. You need a thick walled cup to get the benefit.

There are many designs of espresso cups with just about anything on them. You can get magical flower espresso cups or kitten espresso cups and Illy makes fantastic designs. I could easily become a collector of espresso cups. So many designs, so little time.

If you are like me and dont do your dishes everyday and the espresso cups and saucers are laden with coffee glommage stains you can do many things to get them to sparkle again. The best thing to do is to soak it in Polident, makes the cups sparkle like new.

Although, espresso is made for sipping I like to do cups like shooters to get that kick start we all need after a night of knitting. I have many espresso cups and espresso spoons and they are great for kids tea parties.

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