Travel Mugs

The best place to get a travel mug is at trade shows where they give away swag. I can honestly say I have never purchased my own travel mug. I never really leave the house very much these days, but people always give me theirs or I ask to borrow one and never give it back.

Being that I am not the neatest person in the world, a slob actually, I find that often I leave the coffee in the travel mug for days, sometimes weeks, till it grows moldy and I throw it out. If I took care of my things I may dish out for one of those travel mugs which plug into your cigarette lighter in your car. Ill wait to borrow one from my friends for now.

There are many types of travel mugs:

There are many kinds of travel mug lids. I prefer the thumb slide lid. It is easy, spills are unlikely and it keeps the heat in my stainless steel, vacuum mug. Then theres the travel mug lids that look like the tops of the kids “sippy cups.” Ive used those before and when driving on the highway, taking a turn, it has swooshed all over my seats. There are many, many other types.

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