Coffee Bean Acidity & Body

Coffee, like wine, has very different distinct flavors. In order to identify the taste you like, you must understand the coffee's body and the coffee's acidity. The acidity of coffee depends on the coffee bean, the dry processing or wet processing and the roast of the coffee bean.

Coffee Acidity: Coffee acidity can affect the aroma, flavor and strength of the coffee bean resulting in the coffee's ultimate taste. Coffee acidity can sometimes be measured by terms like bright, sharp, dry vibrant etc. Coffee acidity isn't usually akin to the undesirable taste of coffee sourness. As a rule of thumb, wet coffee bean processing is more acidic than dry coffee bean processing. Coffee roasting will decrease overall acidity. Higher acidity is usually attributed to higher altitudes and volcanic soil. Contrary to popular belief, the coffee's flavor acidity is not related to pH level.

Coffee Body: is the weight of the coffee and it is described as light, medium or dark and sometimes rich or heavy. The location where the coffee is grown, the coffee bean type and the coffee roast all contribute to the body of coffee. If you swirl the coffee around in your mouth, much like wine, you will get a better coffee body experience. The coffee body is akin to the coffee beans fat content. A light roast generally has lower fat and a full-bodied, or heavy bodied, coffee has slightly more fat.

Coffee Body & Acidity Chart

Coffee Regions Coffee Type Coffee Body Coffee Acidity
Arabian Coffee   Heavy Body Medium Acidity
Brazilan Coffee Bourbon Light Body Low Acidity
Burundi Coffee   Full Body Medium Acidity
Cameroon Coffee   Medium Coffee High Acidity
Celebes Coffee Kalosi Heavy Body Balanced Acidity
Chinese Coffee   Light Body Low Acidity
Columbian Coffee Supremo Medium Body Medium Acidity
Columbian Coffee Excelso Medium Body Medium Acidity
Columbian Coffee Decaf – German Processed Light Body Low Acidity
Columbian Coffee Decaf – Swiss Water Lighter Body Low Acidity
Costa Rican Coffee Tarrazu Medium-Full Body High Acidity
Cuban Coffee   Medium Body Medium Acidity
Dominican Republic Coffee   Medium Body High Acidity
El Salvador Coffee   Light Body Light Acidity
Ethiopian Coffee Harrar Heavy Body -Mocha Light Acidity
Ethiopian Coffee Sidamo Light Body Medium Acidity
Guatemalan Coffee Antigua Medium-Full Body – Smoky, Mocha High Acidity
Haitian Coffee   Medium Body Light Acidity
Honduran Coffee Strictly High Grown Medium Body Medium Acidity
Indian Coffee Monsoon Full Body - distinctive Mild Acidity
Jamaican Coffee High Mountain Medium Body Medium Acidity
Java Coffee Estate Medium Body High Acidity
Kenyan Coffee AA Medium Body High Acidity
Kona Coffee Fancy Full Body Mild Acidity
Kona Coffee Extra Fancy Full Body Mild Acidity
Malawi Coffee Plantation Light Body Medium Acidity
Mexican Coffee Altura Full Body Mild Acidity
New Guinea Coffee Estate Medium-Full Body Medium Acidity
Panama Coffee Boquete Medium Body Medium Acidity
Peruvian Coffee Organic Mild Body Medium Acidity
Rwandan Coffee   Mild Body High Acidity
Sulawesi Coffee   Full Body Medium Acidity
Sumatran Coffee Mandheling Full Body Mild Acidity
Sumatran Coffee Decaf - German Process Mild Body Medium Acidity
Sumatran Coffee Decaf- Swiss Water Mild Body High Acidity
Tanzanian Coffee Peaberry Full Body Medium Acidity
Thai Coffee Robusta Full Body - distinctive Medium Acidity
Vietnamese Coffee Robusta Full Body Light Acidity
Zimbabwe Coffee AA Medium Body Medium Acidity
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