Coffee Brands

Besides the Cat Crap Coffee page, this section of the Coffee Bean Queen website is my favorite. Coffee Brands. If I'm not home roasting I really like to try roasts from all different countries and many of the coffee brands listed here have so many varieties.

I have to admit that I generally judge a book by its cover and therefore initially choose coffee brands sometimes based on packaging and usually by its name. I love the name of Starbucks' Komodo Dragon Coffee and Green Mountain Coffee Roaster's, Lake and Lodge Roast Coffee. It's like nail polish . if there are two similar red's and one is called Rage Red and the other is just called Red I would definitely choose the Rage Red. It's all in the adjectives! That said, there are some fantastic coffee beans out there with very unexciting names and extremely blasé packaging worth giving a try.

I don't always order coffee beans online from the US. Canada has some great coffee roasters as well. Planet Bean Coffee located in Guelph, Ontario and Kicking Horse Coffee grown in Invermere, British Columbia are two of my absolute favorites.

If you buy coffee beans online ensure you read the coffee cupping section. It will tell you the correct coffee tasting terminology and the coffee tasting faults. It will also provide you with a printable coffee cupper record sheet. As the Starsky & Hutch movie says, “Just Do it, DO IT!”

If you have a favorite coffee brand please email me or even write a guest article on the coffee roaster. I would be happy to include it along with any bad experiences you've had from coffee roasters. United we stand! Please email me at

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