Coffee Pods

Coffee pods sound and look like something right out of Star Trek or The Jetsons. It's a pre-measured coffee packet, similar to a tea bag, for use in a coffee pod machine. Coffee pod machines provide pressurized technology to bring an infused taste to coffee.

There are many types of coffee pods to choose from, depending on your coffee pod machine, your personal coffee taste and of course your coffee budget.

Senseo partnered with Douwe Egberts and it provides these 72 single serving packages:

Melitta coffee pods provide 18 single serve packages:

Home Cafe coffee pods, compatible with Senseo and Black & Decker, provide 18 single serve packages:

Kona-Pods, compatible with Senseo, Melitta, Home Café and Bunn My Café, provide 12- 48 single serve or double cup packages.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters for the Keurig Coffee pod machines provide 25 single serve packages. Some Green Mountain coffee varieties packaged in pods are Fair Trade Certified, which guarantees the small-scale farmers who grew this coffee a fair price for their crop.

Many, many more coffee pods to choose from.

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