Coffee Types

First, there's the strong, dark and robust, then there's the teeth-tingling medium and finally the tasty lightweight! Get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about coffee. There are all types of coffee, as you probably already know. I think there's two types of home coffee: the good stuff and the abysmal stuff. You know your coffee is terrible if your friends show up with their own Seattle's Best Coffee or perhaps, Starbucks coffee.

The first type of coffee is instant coffee. I don't know about you, but I usually drink tea if that is an option. I find instant coffee to taste like bark and some instant coffee is flavor blended with chicory.

Then there's the already ground coffee. Some of it is not bad, but you really need to know your coffee before purchasing it. Good ground coffee should be made from Arabica coffee beans, although some varietal blends are good too. If I had the choice I would definitely take ground coffee, otherwise known as supermarket coffee, over instant coffee provided it is packaged appropriately.

The next option is the coffee beans. Once you find one you like you will never go back to instant coffee or ground coffee. With coffee beans the versatility is fantastic. You can grind to your own preference and even blend your own coffee beans to your taste. There are often times when I mix decaf coffee beans and dark roast coffee beans to get that sleepy awake feel.

The newest coffee invention is the coffee pod machines. The manufacturers add pre-measured coffee to enclosed packaging. These are great if you want a single cup, but the downside is they are pre-measured, and although they come in many different coffee pod varieties and flavors, you cannot choose the strength.

The best option is to roast your own green beans. It does take a bit of time, but you can save money in the long run (and also lose money when you are learning to do it yourself). If you buy green coffee beans you may want to get an electronic home roaster or you can just use a popcorn popper.

The choice is completely up to you, just remember that the best type of home coffee is the one you like, everyone else is wrong!

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