Gloria Jeans Coffees

Gloria Jeans Coffees

What is the largest coffee retailer with stores in every Australian State & Territory.any guesses? It's Gloria Jeans Coffee and you either have been to Oz, you know your coffee brands or you cheated by looking at the page title. Gloria Jeans coffee has about 300 stores worldwide including the US.

The Gloria Jean brand started in a small shop in Long Grove, Illinois, in 1979, by, you guessed it..Gloria Jean. Gloria Jean sold the business in 1993 and after surviving breast cancer wrote a spiritual book called, Journey of Prayer.

Gloria Jeans Coffees in the US include:

Premium & Estate Grown Coffee:

Light to Medium Coffees:

Dark Roast Coffees:

Gloria Jeans also has coffee for the coffee pod systems, teas, a variety of decaf flavored coffee using the Swiss Water method, coffee mugs and tumblers, coffee grinders and canisters. Gloria Jeans everyday coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified, which means it has to have a minimum 30 % of the RAC coffee, which has a similar program to Fair Trade Coffee.

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