Ground Coffee

To get a perfect cup of coffee you should buy good quality Arabica coffee beans, in their green bean form, home roast them 12 hours before use and grind the whole beans immediately before use.failing that, you can always buy ground coffee. Many companies provide home ground supermarket coffee, but you can also buy ground coffee from roasters. If you are planning to purchase the latter, your best bet is to only buy pre ground coffee one week at a time and ensure you store it in an air tight container, preferably not glass.

Supermarket ground coffee is ok to use if you are not a coffee cupper, but there is a difference. Most use robusta coffee beans and are mass produced. However, there are some which use Arabica coffee beans or a blend of both. Personally, I have a huge can into which I put unfavorable coffee and I use it in case of a coffee crisis; like when I'm too lazy to go to the coffee house.

Things to look for when purchasing ground coffee from a coffee house:

Things to look for when purchasing ground coffee from the supermarket

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