Liquid Coffee

Liquid coffee is coffee that is liquid in consistency. I know that may be hard for some to believe, but its true. But why? Why does coffee need to be liquid and what are its uses?

Well, believe it or not, coffee is just plain great. Even when its bad, its better than nothing. So, here we go… basically, liquid coffee is blended with hot water to make an on-demand cup of coffee or even a full pot of coffee. It is best used in the workplace. Liquid coffee prevents wastage since there is no burnt gloppage to throw out or to smell intensely; suffocating the whole office and reminding you of old man.

There are many different varieties of liquid coffee. Some liquid coffees dont have preservatives and should only be bought in small batches, so it wont expire and taste like ttttthhhhh. Other liquid coffees may have preservatives and do not need to be refrigerated. In addition, others may have some preservatives and still need to be kept frozen or at least refrigerated. Frozen coffee in blocks may need 24 to 48 hours to thaw, so ensure you are ahead of the game. If youre not, office staff will get that vacant stare reminiscent of a sad looking mime. And clowns and mimes are scary.

Liquid coffee or coffee concentrate, are generally encased in boxes. These boxes sometimes hold a thick plastic bag inside with what resembles an udder sticking out. You open the tears on the box, withdraw the udder and attach it to the liquid coffee machine. Generally, the coffee machine compresses the bag and a percentage of coffee seeps-out through the udder and it is mixed with the hot water. The process is simple.

A bonus feature of the liquid coffee dispenser is…ready? You can sometimes get liquid coffee makers with added features that produce hot water or a combination of hot chocolate or specialty coffees. Bunn makes some fantastic liquid coffee machines. The other great thing about liquid coffee is the price. Generally, it ends-up costing less than 10 cents a cup. One gallon of liquid coffee makes about 70 gallons; which is about 1200 cups of individual coffee. Liquid coffee can come in all different sizes, so ensure you know what youre ordering - gallon to 6 gallons and everything in between (except that sweet Oreo filling). The costs for liquid coffee can range from about $15 to $100 and if you sign a contract with a vendor, the vendor may give you a liquid coffee machine and a free maintenance program (not for your coffee addiction, just for the liquid coffee machine!).

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