Peets Coffee & Tea

Peets Coffee & Tea

Alfred Peet opened his first coffee house in 1966, in Berkley, California. No stranger to the hot beverage market, Peet grew-up in Holland where he helped with the family's coffee and tea business. He worked in the tea trade in Indonesia after World War II.

Peets Coffee & Tea currently has a faithful, some say fanatical, following. It has its own mail order coffee service for “Peetniks”. Its claim to fame is that the beans are not roasted until you order, so freshness is guaranteed.

Some of Peets Coffee & Tea offerings include:

Reserve Coffees:

Special Offerings / Seasonal Coffees:

Note: The peaberry bean is special because it produces one, instead of two, coffee beans. It is also a round bean.

Dark Roasts:

Coffee Blends:

Some other Peets Coffees well worth trying:

You can also order 3, 6 or 12 months of coffee at a time. You get billed monthly and Peets will send you one pound every month, to anywhere in the world, according to your coffee roast, coffee body and acidity or coffee origin.

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