Planet Bean Coffee

Planet Bean Coffee

Planet bean coffee is freshly roasted and only sells Fair Trade Coffees from its co-op growers. All coffee roasts are 100 percent organic Arabica beans. Its beans are shade grown in tropical forests meaning it protects nature's habitat and the growers are not exposed to harmful chemicals. The co-op puts job creation and democracy first. It's located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and trust me, if there is one coffee bean roast you try this year let it be Planet Bean!

Medium Coffee Roasts include:

Dark Coffee Roasts include:

Coffee Blends:

Planet Bean's decaf coffee beans depend on the season and the seasonality. The organic decaf beans are always fresh and are roasted in full city, dark and espresso roasts. It also provides a European Blend Decaf using light and dark decaf beans which is well-balanced. If interested in ordering from the US, call toll-free 1-877-758-2326 or fax 1-519-837-4297.

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