Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks has come a long way since it first opened in Seattles Pike Place Market, in 1971. Now Starbucks has over 8300 stores worldwide. During the past few years, Starbucks acquires the Seattle Coffee Company, whose brands include Seattles Best Coffee and Torrefazione Italia coffee. The Starbucks brand has many types of coffees from all places around the world.

Here are my personal favorites:

Starbucks Light Coffee:

Starbucks Smooth Coffees:

Starbucks Bold Coffees:

When I buy new Starbucks coffee beans, or any beans at all, I always try them in my French press, using different grinds, before I try them in my drip coffeemaker. I do this to ensure I find the best taste and the best infused flavor for the brand.

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