What to Look For - Coffee Bean Brands

As I always say, “so many coffees, so little time.” There are a million coffee brands and some come from the same farmers, but are marketed differently. I think in the US we have Starbuck's to thank for the insurgence in people wanting great tasting coffee. Coffee after all is a culture onto itself, some say an addiction.

There are lots of options to consider when purchasing coffee beans.

The Roast: Ensure you choose a roast you love. If you are not sure look at the coffee roast page.

The Country of Origin: There are different flavors from different countries due to growing conditions. Read the page on Coffee acidity or body.

Arabica Coffee Beans vs. Robusta Coffee Beans: There is a difference, do your homework.

Your Grinder: What kind of beans do you require if you have a burr coffee grinder or a blade coffee grinder?

Freshness: How long have the beans been in their package?

Your Water: Do you have a charcoal filter in your coffee maker, do you use already filtered water or tap water. These all change the taste of the coffee. I highly disapprove of using distilled water.makes the coffee flat.

The Price: Are you paying a reasonable amount? Sometimes price does not equal quality.

Fair Trade Coffee: Are you environmentally and socially attune?

Organic Coffee: Do the coffee beans have the organic coffee stamp of approval symbol and not just words.

Ordering Coffee Online: Are the shipping fees expensive? If you ordered a bulk order would the fees be less? Does the site have a secure payment system? What are the returns policy?

If you have a favorite brand, please email me at editor@coffeebeanqueen.com

The coffee bean brands we currently list on our site are:

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