Coffee Gifts

I can hear Dumbledore saying, “You, Harry Potter have been given the coffee gift to go with your parseltounge.” You can hear Harry responding, “But, what is that, Sir?” And Dumbledore answering, “It is the ability to stay awake 365 days of the year, Young Harry.”

Somehow, I dont think thats what I mean. Coffee gifts are phantasmagorical gifts. Almost everyone would love the gift of coffee. There are many ways to give coffee gifts and my personal preference is the coffee of the month club. Its the gift that keeps on giving all year round. Think about it, in the cold, wet winter receiving coffee from Sumatra or Hawaii. Its enough to warm your cobbles, sigh. You can usually buy 3 month, 6 month or 12 months at a time and you are only billed per month. Thats great, especially at Christmas when youre scraping for cash.

There are great coffee gift baskets out there too. Some full of some amazing coffees, some with coffee, mugs and a stovetop espresso maker and some with chocolate, tea, coffee and biscuits. I have included some of my favorite coffee gift baskets on this page. Many coffee houses also create wonderful gift baskets and you can pretty much hand choose your favorite items, like Peets Coffee and Gloria Jeans Coffee.

Mail order coffee and coffee of the month clubs are generally intertwined. I often look online, clicking the links above, to see what coffees are seasonal and on sale. I like to use mail order coffee to order 1 pound at a time, of different coffee roasters. Sometimes, I dont even order from the US. From local farms instead.

There are many other coffee gifts to consider, you could buy a personalized coffee mug and fill it with coffee beans, jewelry and chocolate for a sweet gift to the one you love or you could forgo the person you love and just send me a fabulous coffee gift.

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