Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

First thing people ask when they see them in my dish (for the record, I do keep a lid on it to keep the cat hair out, but people are nosy) is “what the heck are those?“ I like to tell them the truth. I tell them they are chocolate covered coffee beans made from coffee beans covered in chocolate. I shouldve been a rocket scientist.

Now, if youve been reading this site at all, you should know that a coffee bean is not just a coffee bean (now, Im profound). You need good quality coffee beans to add the chocolate to. Your best bet is to buy the chocolate beans from an online gourmet shop or make them yourself. You can get white chocolate coffee beans, milk chocolate coffee beans and dark chocolate coffee beans … trust me they are all good. You can also get chocolate covered espresso beans.

They have a bittersweet taste that is fantastic. It really balances itself out. I think it is a bit of an acquired taste; try coffee cake drizzled with chocolate to get a hint of what it is like. If you can get the pea-berry variety bean covered with chocolate, I think they are divine.

You can get chocolate covered coffee beans in coffee gift baskets and there are some really great coffee gifts which are chocolate covered coffee beans in groovy espresso cups. You can buy about 20 ounces of chocolate heaven for about $15!

Make your own chocolate covered coffee beans:

You need:

Melt the chocolate in the nuker (microwave) for about 2 minutes, but stir ½ way through. Dump the beans into the mix when it is ½ cooled and then drop the beans onto the wax paper individually. Put them in the freezer to harden. The chocolate covered coffee beans will last about 2 weeks before becoming stale.

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