Coffee-of-the-Month Clubs

Think I'd prefer coffee of the week club. Generally, coffee-of-the-month clubs send you a different pound, or two, of coffee each month for a fair price. I don't know about you, but that is seriously not enough coffee to last a month or even half a month. So, I fully recommend signing-up for a couple different ones a month, with both delivering on different dates to ensure you get the freshest coffee available.

The great thing about coffee of the month clubs is you get to try coffees that you may not usually pick up at the supermarket or even at the real coffee houses. However, you want to do your homework first. Questions to ask before you buy:

If you get into a good coffee of the month club you can get some fantastic coffee at reasonable prices. However, some coffee clubs are very expensive so do your research first. I like getting mail, so it is a great treat for the mailman to drop off the black gold. I take great pleasure in opening my coffee club's packaging and sometimes they throw in bonuses like a new coffee mug, spoon and coffee syrup flavors. I highly recommend these for yourself and for gifts, provided you do your homework. I have heard many horror stories of people not being able to get out of their “contracts”, not being able to change their addresses and sometimes just not getting anything.

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