Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets

Gourmet coffee gift baskets. “What is a great gift?” The Jeopardy crowd goes wild. Seriously, gourmet coffee, gift and basket, what could be a better gift (besides the toque I received one year, nice bobble)?

All Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets: These are gift baskets which are filled with different types of coffee. If you are going to order one of these ensure you order it from a specialty coffee roaster, not a mixed gift basket place. The roasters coffee tends to taste better and generally, you will get good quality. The roasters know their coffee cupping and the mixed gift basket places may not know the difference between coffee body and acidity. Do this if the person you are buying for appreciates good coffee.

Mixed Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets: These are gift baskets full of coffee, mugs, chocolates, specialty sugar, chocolate covered espresso beans, cookies, mints and other gourmet gifts. They are perfect for every occasion, especially my birthday.

Upscale Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets: There are some gift baskets which would wow the pants off anyone who remotely even likes coffee. Imagine this, a sharp knock at your door, you slide off the couch, answer it and there is the mailman holding one heck of a humungous package. Instead of pointing him next door (because really, who would send you something) just sign for it, using a fake name and open it; while evilly laughing to yourself. When you finally get in you find an espresso machine, espresso cups, chocolate covered coffee beans, organic sugar, espresso spoons, a burr grinder and a fantastic coffee storage container. Wow! If it were me I would feel so guilty for opening someone elses mail that I would look past the fact that it is illegal and just keep the stuff so no one would ever know. I know its a sacrifice, but hey, the gourmet coffee gift basket needs a home and my guilt has already found one.

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