Mail Order Coffee

If you're looking for mail order brides, sorry you're definitely on the wrong site, that is, unless you think I'm cute! Ok, so you want to try some different coffees, but you can't find the ones you want in your region or you're unsure what you want? The best way to find out what you want and to try some pretty terrific (and horrific) coffees are to order online via a mail order coffee service. Peets Coffee has one of the best programs I have heard of and tasted. The key to Peets success is they roast the beans immediately before sending. It has quite a following of Peetniks!

There are great benefits to mail order coffee.

The best benefit is you have an opportunity to really research the product before you pay your hard earned dough for it. You can look at the country, the growing conditions, sometimes you can even find pictures of the farms, the history of that particular area, the coffee roast, the coffee taste and sometimes there are testimonials and reviews. It is a great way to become an educated coffee cupper.

Secondly, you usually get really fresh coffee beans. If the coffee roaster can estimate how many pounds it may need for all of its mail order coffee enthusiasts it will roast and then send within days, with nothing stale sitting on the shelves.

Price. You can shop around and look for the mail order coffee, which suits your budget. Plus, many coffee roasters are small mom and pop affairs, like Planet Bean. Some would be more than happy for you to order ½ pounds of different types just to get a sampling.

If you are planning to mail order coffee you should:

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