Coffee Info and Cool Coffee Stuff

Cool coffee stuff is really a misnomer, unless you like iced coffee. So, should I call this page Hot Coffee Stuff or is that redundant? Although, coffee is cool, but not necessarily cold. Anyway, I know I blather in a stream of consciousness, but let's get to the point.

Coffee History: I know you want to know about goats, divorces over coffee allowance, what the anagram TIPS stands for, how women petitioned against coffee and how Melitta Benz was a great inventor beyond her time. There are many other historical coffee treats to read.

Coffee Processing: How the heck does the black stuff get in your mug without rotting on its adventure across the sea?

Coffee in Another Language: Ever go away someone and feel like a twit because you have to point, or make crazy gestures with your hands (and eyes for some reason)? Well, my ever growing list of how to order coffee in a different country may come in handy. If you know anymore please, please let me know. I hate feeling and looking foolish.

Coffee Maker Evolution: Mr. Biggins, physics, rammers, socks and vacuums… no, this isn't a pornographic part of the site. There are no beans doing a peel. Read this section its pretty interesting and makes for a great trivial conversation.

To be honest, I think almost everything to do with coffee is cool. I thought about putting the Cat Crap Coffee Page in this section, cause really it is kind of cool in a disgusting way. I thought putting my favorite coffee maker, The Cuisinart Grind & Brew, in this cool coffee stuff section cause it is wayyyyy cool and I thought about putting pictures of me drinking coffee because after all, I'm cool and so is my cool coffee stuff.

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