Automatic Home Coffee Roasters

If you decide to drop some cash on an automatic home roaster, you are part of a niche market who live and breathe and of course drink copious amounts of good coffee.

If you are going to purchase an automatic home coffee roaster ensure you buy the right machine. The voltage in your home is important, whether it's 105 volt to 125 volt, it makes a difference. In addition, your room temperature can affect its process. Size also matters. How much coffee do you drink and how much time do you have to make adequate batches. Some cuppers say you should only roast enough for three days, but I roast mine with a two-week longevity span. You must clean the roasting machine rigorously and faithfully to ensure you get great quality every time and protect the machine from damage. Whatever you do, do not use another plug in the same circuit and let your machine cool down between coffee batches.

Fluid bed and heat drum are the two basic types of home coffee roasters.

Fluid Bed Automatic Home Coffee Roasters: From its roots in the hot air popcorn poppers, the fluid bed roasters have evolved quite nicely. Generally, these roasters make two pots of coffee maximum. These machines generally take about 5 to 20 minutes. Some fluid bed home coffee roasters have see through glass, so you can see the roasting process from start to finish. They can cost anywhere from about $70 to about $200.

Heat Drum Automatic Home Coffee Roasters roast green coffee beans in a cylinder-type drum using heat to roast instead of hot air.

After you roast the green coffee beans, please ensure you store the roasted coffee in an airtight container away from direct or indirect sunlight. Use within three days.

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