Black & Decker Brew and Go Coffee Maker

A coffeemaker to remind you that you are single, or that your partner really doesn't drink coffee, or you that you are completely selfish. The Black and Decker Brew & Go Coffee Maker sports the following features:

Some of the concerns received on the Black & Decker Brew and Go machine are:

These minor inconveniences would not stop me from purchasing a low-end coffee maker. You could replace this machine six times a year for the money I spent on my Cuisinart. You can also buy an inexpensive blade coffee grinder for about $20. The Black & Decker Brew & Go Deluxe Model sells for about $20 and has a 1-year warranty. Compare the Black & Decker Brew & Go Coffeemaker to the Black & Decker SpaceMaker Coffee Maker.

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