Black & Decker Home Café

Single Serve Coffee Brewing System - Coffee Pod HCC100

The Black & Decker pressurized coffee pod system is a bit slower than the Senseo Pod; it takes about 1 minute to brew a cup of coffee. It fits a travel mug or regular size mug. Unlike drip coffeemakers, the coffee pod systems use pressure brewing to bring out the full flavor of the coffee bean. Pressure forces hot water through ground coffee beans instead of dripping using the same technique as coffeehouses.

This Black & Decker Home Café model features cappuccino, mochas and latte capabilities. It is a two pod carrier for the ability to change the strength of your coffee. It brews three sizes: 7.5 oz cup, 9 oz mug and 14 oz mug.

It can use the same coffee pods as the Senseo model, but Black & Decker's home café coffee pod has partnered with Folgers, Millstone and Maxwell House to provide “the brand” individual to them.

It's available in black & white and retails for about $87.

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