Black & Decker SpaceMaker Coffee Maker

This Black & Decker SpaceMaker machine is great for people with small counter space (I should probably get one because of all of my clutter). Basically, it mounts to overhead kitchen cabinets. Other than that feature it has no bells and whistles, but with the price and its convenience .it is worth every small dollar you pay. For the record, for all you Trekkies and Battlestar Gallactica fans, this is a coffee maker and NOT, I repeat, NOT a contraption to make space . nor, any time warp device. Please do not use it as such. The SpaceMaker has the following features:

Things to consider if you are buying this model are:

If you have any comments about the Black & Decker coffee makers please email me at and I'll post your comments, but keep it clean, we don't need any coffee sludge. The Black & Decker SpaceMaker coffee makers retails for about $70 - S100.

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