Black & Decker Coffee Makers

Most of my non-cupper friends have Black & Decker Coffee Makers. I think it's probably due to the availability and the price. Black & Decker coffee machines don't generally have bells & whistles, but they are a good quality, simple product at a fair price.

When I was in college, my first coffee maker was a Black & Decker. It lasted years (even when I used paper towels for coffee filters). If you look hard enough, I bet you have at least one Black & Decker product in your house.

Black & Decker's Household Products Division is run by a company called Applica Incorporated. Applica was formerly Windemere Durable Holdings. Applica comes from the English word 'appliance' and the 'plicare' means to fold into a unified whole. In June 1998, Applica acquired Black & Decker and its sub brands, Toast-R-Oven, Profinish and Quick' N Easy.

Applica manufacturers at the Durable Electrical Metal Factory (wholly owned by Applica) in China, for its Black & Decker, Windemere & Private Label products. However, Queretaro, Mexico, has the main manufacturing facility for North America and Latin America. Black & Decker is probably better known for their tools. It manufactures some great tools at relatively cheaper prices.

Black & Decker coffee makers aren't very noisy and because of their simplicity are very easy to clean. When I had mine, I used to run vinegar through it once a month to ensure the hose wasn't clogging. Generally, the coffee machines are quick to brew, provided you keep them clean. Most Black & Decker's come with a glass carafe and a warming plate - so if you're a fast drinker you won't get the taste of burnt coffee. You will need a medium grind for these coffee machines and some come with a permanent coffee filter.

Here's some easy research for two of Black & Decker's Coffee Makers: Brew & Go Coffee Maker and The Space Maker Coffeemaker.

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