Braun Aromaster Coffee Maker

The Braun Aromaster coffee maker is a simple coffee maker with no bells and whistles and it is for the average coffee consumer. It comes in white or black and easily fits under most kitchen cabinets and in cupboards for storage. I know many people who have this machine and love its ease of use, including my Grannie Haulwyn.

The Braun Aromaster features:

Some of the negative issues reviewers have raised about the Braun Aromaster are:

Personally, I am a strong believer in the “you get what you pay for” adage. This Braun coffeemaker costs about $20 and has a one-year warranty, what more could you want? What will 20-bucks get you now a days, maybe four Big Mac meals or a night at the movies? Don't mean to sound defensive, but if you think of the technological advancement made by Braun and coffee makers in general, why complain? Could you make your own better Braun Aromaster for less than $20? If this is an issue for you, spend a bit extra and get Braun's Impressions coffee maker - I haven't heard any complaints.

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