Braun Impressions Coffee Maker

KF 600

The Braun Impressions coffee maker looks state of the art with a conical shape head made of stainless steel and a thermal carafe. It is Braun's newest coffee maker model. Its claim to fame is it uses a Brita water filter, which reduces chlorine and prevents calcification. It's a pretty trendy looking machine and it would look fantastic in a black-themed, stainless steel kitchen. The Braun Impressions coffee maker features:

Apparently, if you pre-warm the thermal carafe it will keep the coffee hot 4-5 hours. Braun Impressions line is extensive, so you could get all of the matching home appliances to really snazz up the kitchen. You should see the sleek design of the kettle and the toaster is mighty fine too. The Braun Impressions coffee maker is priced about $79.99, a fantastic price for the included features.

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