Braun Coffee Makers

Braun makes so many products, which include the coffee maker. I have many Braun products at home and although I haven't tried a Braun coffee maker, I hear really great things about it. I have a Braun (Oral-B) electric toothbrush, which is great for getting coffee stains off my dentures. In fact, I'm sure we all have a Braun product at home and if we don't we certainly are familiar with its logo of BrAun, with the raised A. That logo and brand were created in 1935.

Braun started in 1921, after East Prussian engineer, Max Braun began the company with a small engineering shop, in Frankfurt am Main, creating radio technology. In 1937, Max's creations won an award at The World Fair, in Paris, for Special Achievement for Phonography.

From the radio background, Braun made pocket flashlights in 1947 and electric shavers in 1950. In 1951, after Max's death, his sons Arthur Braun & Erwin Braun took over the management. In 1963, the electric toothbrush made its first appearance and Gillette was impressed with Braun's technology and acquired the majority holding. Braun continued innovative technological products like the pocket cigarette lighter, in 1971, and the first clock radio, in 1977 (remember those with the “file-o-fax numbers”). Finally, in 1984, the first Braun coffee maker arrived on the scene and many other items, like infrared thermometers, followed.

Braun's newest coffee maker from the Impressions Collection uses a Brita water filter, which almost eliminates calcification and reduces chlorine ensuring a flavorful cup of coffee without the extras. The price is right for the Braun Impression coffee maker too.

Braun also makes many other small appliances like blenders, juicers, steam irons, coffee grinders, shaving and grooming products, oral care (Oral-B), beauty care items and health and wellness products. Braun has about 7,500 employees in seven manufacturing plants in five countries: Germany, Ireland, Mexico, China & Spain.

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