Bunn 10 Cup Pourover Coffee Brewer

(Home Coffee Maker) - Model B10

The Bunn Pourover Coffee Brewer is a great home machine, if you have to part with the thermal carafe
(I like the Bunn Thermal Carafe Brewer in the Bunn ranges). This machine makes coffee in 3 minutes, much like most of Bunn's product line. It features:

What is a deliming spring, you ask? It is a long, thin spring-like metal object that after you remove the spray-head (and place it in vinegar) you run the deliming spring in and out of the hole quickly to remove, you guessed it, lime buildup. I would absolutely buy this machine. Great warranty and if the commercial restaurants use it, so can I. The Bunn Pourover Coffee Brewer retails for about $130.

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