Capresso Elegance Therm Coffee Maker

The Capresso Elegance Therm coffee maker is an elegant machine. It has some great features and sells for a mere $140. Personally, I like the grinder option with the Capresso CoffeeTeam (sometimes called the CoffeeDream) because of the programmable conical burr grinder attached. It's twice as much money though, so if you don't drink a lot of coffee this may be the coffee maker for you. You can always buy a separate burr grinder. Capresso has the Burr Grinder Sensor in matching black or white.

The Capresso Elegance Therm Coffee Maker has the following features:

After reading the reviews there are mixed comments on the leaking issue associated with many coffee makers. I personally think Michael Kramm, the President of Capresso and former President of KrupsUS, would be offended if this was a design flaw. Perhaps, there are a few machines, which were faulty. If you are not happy return your Capresso Elegance machine to Capresso, they have excellent customer service. Personally, I really don't think you'll ever need it. Just buy it, you'll love it!

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