Capresso Coffee Makers

Capresso just sounds like coffee. Cappucino and espresso… mmm! Capresso has its roots in Krups. The former President of Krups USA, Michael Kramm, started Capresso in 1994. Capresso is a virtual newcomer in the coffee maker marketplace, but Kramm has 20 years experience at Krups. Kramm thought the high-end coffee maker market was lacking in the US and doing well in Europe, so he thought he'd bring a little Europe to us.

It all comes down to the pressurized brew. Capresso believes its machines are not for everyone. It is not for middle-of-the-road coffee drinkers, its roots belong to those who want a high quality machine that makes coffee taste better than many US coffee houses. Therefore, if you don't drink coffee very often and can't taste the difference between earthy and floral undertones, with a light or heavy finish, then Capresso coffee machines are definitely not worth the spend, unless you like to show off.

There are also Jura - Capresso Super Automatic machines. Founded in Switzerland, in 1931, Jura AG joined Capresso to build coffee makers with interchangeable frother systems, LED displays and even instructional video tapes. These short tapes will show you how to use your coffee maker and how to make some drinks with great crema, like the phantasmagorical Barristas of the world.

Capresso makes the fantastic CoffeeTEAM Luxe machine. It has a built in burr grinder. The best part is you can program even the grinder to grind the amount of beans you require. The burr grinder is the crème de la crème of the grinders. It doesn't heat the beans and can grind much finer then the blade coffee grinders. If I had seen this machine before I bought my Cuisinart Grind & Brew I may have been swayed. I am exceedingly happy with the Cuisinart, but, as Oscar Wilde once said, I can resist anything except temptation.

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