Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers

Should I stay or should I go noooow??? The Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Coffee Maker comes with a thermal carafe and two thermal travel mugs. You can brew coffee directly into two thermal cups. One for you and one for a friend. If you have a belligerent spouse ensure you give it to a friend. It also has mug symbols to ensure you brew it the right way at 6am. However, this Stay or Go coffee maker also has a thermal carafe so you can stay at home and serve guests. Or, if you're like me and forget your travel mug at work, you can still make coffee to ensure you are alert enough for your drive to work.

The Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Thermal Coffeemaker has the following features:

This coffee maker retails for about $90. So, if you stay there could be trouble, if you go it might be double. The answer is to do what I'd do. stay and drink the pot of coffee then make 2 travel mugs and go.

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