Krups Coffee Machine

FME4 & Krups FMF4-14 10-Cup Coffeemaker

This Krups coffee maker is the newest home brew coffee machine to hit Krups' delightful array of products. Every product I have ever bought with the Krups brand has been durable, lasted the test of time and does what it says it does. Ensure you read the right coffee maker for you page before making any decisions if you are looking to purchase a drip coffee maker.

The Krups Coffee Machine FME4 has the following features:

The Krups Coffee machine, model number FME4 Retails for about $99.

Krups FMF4-14 10-Cup Coffeemaker

Oh la la! This is one of the crème de la crème of drip coffee makers. It looks very sleek in its black and stainless steel casing. The only complaint I've heard is the manual is hard to read. Don't forget to read the right coffee maker for you page.

Krups FMF4-14 Retails for about $129.

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