Liquid Coffee Makers

You know what I'm going to say here, don't you? Liquid coffee is black gold! There's concentrated soda syrups, which you mix with CO2, and there's concentrated coffee which you mix with hot water. When I used to waitress the slang term for this was moccomat. I never really knew why until now. Moccomat Coffee systems were developed by Sara Lee to brew coffee which was uniform and in large quantities, in a short time period. These are generally commercial coffee machines, which are attached to plumbing and you can get a cup of coffee, 24-hours a day, by pushing a button. Most of these liquid coffee dispensers must have an additional coffee filtration system in place to get rid of calcium and lime build-up. These liquid coffee machines have their benefits and their cons.

Liquid Coffee Maker Benefits:

Liquid Coffee Cons:

Personally, I prefer a the taste of a fresh pot of coffee made by using vacuum packed coffee pouches, using filtered water by an automatic drip coffeemaker. However, for large scale offices I think liquid coffee makers are a cost effective and time saving way to provide coffee to your employees in a split-second.

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