Melitta Javapod

One:One Coffee Pod Machine

The Melitta Javapod has five different colored models using the coffee pod system. Melitta's coffee pod machines come in red, white, black, mango and kiwi. It makes an 8 ounce or 5 ounce cup of coffee in about 60 seconds and makes tea in about 30 seconds.

The removable reservoir tank holds 28 ounces enabling about 5 cups of coffee to be made without refilling. It fits most travel coffee mugs. The Javapod has an interrupt button for those times when you forgot to insert the pod, but dripping may occur during brewing cycles. It has a removable drip tray and the pod holder, drip and overflow tray, plus the drip spout may be washed in the dishwasher on the top shelf only. Reviews of the Javapod purport it to leak, however other reviews state that it does that when loaded improperly.

A six flavor pods sampler comes with the unit. The Melitta Javapod can host many other brands of coffee pods making it a very versatile unit.

The manufacturer's manual suggests buying an additional drip spout if you plan to use the Javapod for both coffee and tea to optimize the flavor of both without the cross-contamination.

The Javapod has a limited one year Melitta manufacturer's warranty.

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