Melitta Fast Brew Coffee Maker

Takes 35 seconds per cup to brew coffee in the Melitta Fast Brew Coffee Maker. This is a low cost, low end coffee machine. Personally, I would spend double the money to buy the Melitta Mill & Brew coffee maker, but if you really don't make coffee that often, this may be the machine for you. Melitta's claim to fame is Melitta Benz' invention of the coffee filter. She was tired of grounds in her coffee, so she used her son's blotting paper and created thee first coffee filter.

The Melitta Fast Brew Coffee Maker features:

Melitta has won awards for its 100 percent Arabica coffee bean blend and sold the most coffee filters, out of all other competitors, for the past 4 years, worldwide. This Melitta Fast Brew Coffee Maker costs about $35.

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