Melitta Stainless Steel Thermal Mill & Brew

I haven't tried the Melitta Mill & Brew machine, but I would absolutely give it a go to see if it equals or surpasses my Cuisinart. It won the American Culinary Institute's Best of Show Award for Excellence. The price is reasonable.

I like the story behind Melitta. Melitta Benz really hated getting grounds in her coffee. Previously, people had tried using socks and all kinds of things. Read the coffee maker history page for more detail.

The Melitta Stainless Steel Thermal Mill & Brew features:

Melitta has also won awards for the 100 percent Arabica beans it roasts and is the number one seller of coffee filters worldwide. The Melitta Mill & Brew coffee maker and coffee grinder retails for a great price of about $80.

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