Melitta Coffee Makers

Melitta is famous for its branded coffee filters, coffee and its non-electric coffee makers in the US. Melitta USA headquarters are in Clearwater, Florida where the filters and coffee makers are manufactured. Coffee roasting & packaging is done in New Jersey. Worldwide the Melitta Group also manufactures foil & wrap, air cleaners & humidifiers, vacuum bags & cleaning products.

The coffee filter is thanks to Melitta Benz. In 1908, she invented the filter using blotting paper from her son's notebook. In the 1930's, the filter became cone shape and ribbed to create a larger extraction area for ground coffee. The filter keeps out the bitterness and undesirable oils.

In 1989, Melitta made environmentally safe natural brown coffee filters without using chlorine or bleach. Flavor pores were invented, in 1997, to allow more coffee taste and aroma to seep through without the sediment. Apparently, Melitta's coffee filters were the number one selling filter, worldwide, for four year in a row.

I am a little confused. Melitta's corporate profile says they make non-electric coffee makers; however, there are electric Melitta coffee makers on the market, which compete with other coffee makers. After some hunting, I find that Melitta does indeed make coffee makers, electric tea kettles, espresso machines and what is described as coffee preparation products. Plus, The American Tasting Institute gave Melitta's, 100 percent Arabica beans the award of, “America's best tasting coffee.”

I would have liked to have known Melitta Benz an entrepreneurial spirit from the early 1900's. I, personally, have never owned a Melitta product. I am not against these machines, but I love the coffee makers I currently own, especially my Cuisinart. Let me know what you think about these Melitta coffee products. Email me at

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