Mr. Coffee, Coffee Makers

Mr. Coffee manufactures coffee makers, which are reasonable in price. Mr. Coffee has developed quite nicely over the years.

The Mr. Coffee brand was introduced in 1972, by North American Systems Inc. NAS was founded by Vincent Marotta Sr. and his partner Samuel Glazer in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1972, automatic drip coffee makers entered the market under the Mr. Coffee brand.

In 1975, sales increased from 1-thousand coffee makers to 38-hundred coffee makers a day making it a best seller in the US. In addition, in 1975, Mr. Coffee made its own coffee filters.

Mr. Coffee makes great strides in development, first in 1977 where they developed a feature to use less coffee with the same great strength. It was a good time for them to do this because of there was a coffee shortage until 1978.

In 1980, they created the programmable coffee maker and finally in 1986, they developed a pause and serve feature. Iced tea was big in 1989 and Mr. Coffee created the first automatic ice tea maker.

A new slogan for Mr. Coffee reared its head in 1992. Its new ad campaign was, “Mr. Coffee -What'll he think of next?” in response to creating water filters. 1995 was the year to remember for Mr. Coffee, he found his true love and married Mrs. Tea, which was obviously one hot tea maker.

Mr. Coffee, coffee makers range in price from about $20 to about $100. You can also purchase an electric, Mr. Coffee mug warmer for under $20.

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