Office Coffee

Do you ever go into an office and they have the worst tasting office coffee? It is either burnt because it has been sitting on the warmer forever, it is of poor quality or it is even instant coffee made with powdered milk (I like to call the latter auto repair coffee for obvious reasons). There are many ways of providing office coffee and I have provided my opinion on the best way to provide office coffee to your employees.

10 Employees or less: Home coffee maker and ground coffee. The cost of replacing the coffee machine a few times a year outweighs the cost of purchasing a commercial coffee maker. You can purchase supermarket coffee or purchase the individual packages, which make a measured full pot. You could try the Black & Decker, Braun, Senseo or Mr. Coffee machines. The downside to this is the mess.

11 -20 Employees: Commercial coffee maker using the liquid coffee option. It is always ready and there is less wastage. It is the cleanest option. I would sign-up with a coffee distributor and ask for a trial to decide if you like the taste of the coffee. Then I would sign a contract and order the minimum amount of coffee required. The distributor may provide the machine and also provide regular servicing. This means having a freezer as well.

21 Employees or more: I highly recommend Bunn's office coffee machines with the large thermal carafes. It makes a lot of coffee and keeps it warm for about 2 hours. The only downside is it takes a lot of clean-up, you can't make an individual cup and you must have plumbing. Order a box of individual packages and use about 1 ½ packets for the strength to suit everyone. It also has a hot water spout for tea or hot chocolate.

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