Coffee Pod Machines

A.K.A. Coffee Pod Makers

The newest craze in the evolution of coffeemakers is the coffee pod machine. Coffee pod machines use a pressurized brewing system. It forces hot water through coffee bean grounds, at high pressure akin to coffeehouse technique, without the high price. It uses coffee pods- a pre-measured filter type bag similar to a tea bag. To decide if this type of machine is right for you, you must consider the following:

How much coffee do you drink? If you are a one-cup person than this coffee pod machine may be what you are looking for. It brews a single cup quickly; some coffee pod machines can brew in less than 30 seconds. However, if you drink more than one cup then you would be better to purchase another type of coffeemaker, like a drip machine.

Cup capacity: Do normal size mugs fit underneath it for brewing or do you have to purchase special ones? Some coffee pod machines only provide 4 ounces (a soda can is 8 ounces). Therefore, a mug may take two pods.

Taste: Have you tried the coffee? Currently, there are limited amounts of coffee pod selections. If you are a cupper trying different brands you may not be available in pod form. Is there a strength setting on the coffee pod machine?

How much maintenance is involved? Some machines you have to load, prime, dump water, reload, set up pods, brew, dump pods and clean pod holder. Because the pods come prepackaged you don't have to measure, but you have to rinse out the pod holder after every cup to get an even taste.

Cost of pods: Pods can cost anywhere from 25 cents to 75 cents per 4 oz cup. So, if you want a mug (approx 8 ounces) then you'll have to use two pods.

Coffee pod construction: Is the pod holder flimsy in construction? Are there places for it to leak? Is it easy to clean? Is it noisy to prime the machine could it potentially disturb other members of your household? Check the wattage on the machine. The higher the wattage the quicker coffee will brew and the hotter the water for a more infused taste. Does it have a timer?

Where you live matters: If you live at altitudes higher than 6800 ft above sea level, do not buy the coffee pod machine, due to the pressurized system.

Other uses: Can you make tea or other hot beverages in the coffee pod machine?

Style: Is your brand of coffeemaker normally in full sight. The coffee pod machines look pretty high tech and can look out of place in a country kitchen. There are many funky colours to choose from.

There are a few different brand leaders in the coffee pod race. Some of the popular coffee pod machines are:

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