Senseo Single Serve Coffee Pod Machine


The Senseo coffee pod system, designed by Philips, purports to brew one or two cups, with a frothy coffee layer on the top, sealing in aroma and taste. Mild pressure and a special spraying head optimally balances coffee. It takes the guesswork out of measuring coffee ensuring consistent coffee time and time again.

The Senseo Coffee Pod machine has a one touch brewing system, which can brew a cup in 60 seconds. It has auto shutoff after 1 hour and is dishwasher safe, with removable parts. The Senseo Single Serve Coffee Machine model HD7810 has 1450 watts of power.

It is not recommended for anyone living at altitudes higher than 6800 ft above sea level due to the pressurized system.

Senseo partnered with Douwe Egberts to provide dark roast coffee pods, medium roast coffee pods, light roast coffee pods and decaf roast coffee pods. Eighteen single serve pods come in one pack. Four packs with 72 single servings, costs about $19.00.

The Senseo coffee pod machine comes in black, blue or white and retails around $69.99. There is an extra large water tank attachment, which can be purchased as an add-on, and it holds up to 10 cups of water. It's priced at $15.99.

Before purchasing this machine, why not take a look at the other brands to compare?

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