Stovetop Popcorn Maker Coffee Roasting

Home Coffee Roasting

The Whirley-Pop stovetop popcorn popper seems to be the choice of experienced home coffee roasters. You can use it preferably on a gas burner with a huge vent fan above or on a large electric burner. The Whirley-Pop sports a hinged lid, which makes it easy for viewing the delightful coffee beans as they roast. To roast you need a scale, thermometer, metal colander, obviously the appliance and some oven mitts (I always keep a spray bottle nearby just in case).

How to Roast:

To be honest, this method is trial and error based. Ensure you use the hand crank so the beans do not stick to the bottom and burn. The whole shebang should take about 10 minutes give or take. Keep an eye on the temperature and remove the stovetop popcorn popper from the stove if the temperature goes above 450 degrees. Otherwise, all you'll get is burnt coffee beans. If this method scares you, or you're lazy, I would try the automatic coffee roasting machines.

There are other ways to do stovetop roasting using a pan or a wok, but I wouldn't waste my time. I find these methods don't give a consistent roast and are quite messy.

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