Coffee Making Tips

How to Make Great Coffee

If you want to become a coffee cupper you must learn about coffee and how to make it. There are many versions of how to measure coffee. Obviously, the best way to make coffee is the way you like it, but read the page anyway in case you have guests.

There is also a printable coffee recipe page to put in your wallet in case you are going to a coffee shop or coffee house. I taped mine on the back of my espresso machine for those idiotic moments.

Of course there is a page on how to be a coffee cupper and what to look for as far as coffee tastes and coffee faults go. I find it easier to taste things you may know what to taste for. Try the Kopi Luwak coffee and let me know if it tastes like…

If you are going to become a cupper you will need to record your findings. There is a printable coffee cupper record sheet for easy record keeping.

Of course, there is information on how to clean your coffee maker. Sometimes, it may not be as easy as it looks. If you have dentures you will find use for one of your teeth cleaning products.

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