6 Best Siphon Coffee Makers

Siphon Coffee Makers

Any dedicated coffee enthusiast or homebrewer has no doubt heard about or seen the siphon coffee maker. It is an extremely beautiful and functional machine. A coffee made from the siphon brewer is hard to beat, despite being one of the oldest known coffee makers. Considering how this sophisticated brewer is back on-trend within the …

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5 Best Commercial Espresso Machines for a Small Coffee Shop

Best Commercial Espresso Machines for a Small Coffee Shop

In this modern-day and age, small coffee shops have become increasingly popular all thanks to the contribution made by a certain shiny coffee maker – the espresso machine. All the fan-favorite beverages ranging from an espresso shot to a latte would be near impossible without the brewing help of this machine. The espresso machine has …

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5 Best Coarse Ground Coffee for French Press

Coarse ground coffee

While there may be numerous other coffee brewing methods available today, one method that still remains a favorite in many households is the French Press. In fact, most coffee enthusiasts would agree that there’s no other method that can give you a rich, sophisticated brew other than French Press. When it’s done right, it’s delicious. …

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What is a Macchiato?

What is a Macchiato?

Whether it was invented in the US or not, there is no questioning the ability of Americans to come up with a seemingly infinite number of variations to a popular product. That is certainly the case with espresso-based coffees which seem to have a wide variety for a relatively simple drink. One of the more …

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What is Piñon Coffee?

Piñon Coffee

Of the many different types and blends of coffees in the world, one of the more unusual is piñon coffee. The term piñon is a Spanish word meaning “pine nut” and that is what piñon coffee is derived from. Perhaps this is not too surprising as coffee beans are not an actual bean. Nor is …

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