5 Best Commercial Coffee Grinders

Best Commercial Coffee Grinder

With new coffee shops opening up everywhere, it’s quite difficult to stand out from the rest. And if you’re the new café in town, it’s even harder.

That said, even if you’ve been running your coffee business for a while, it can be quite challenging to keep up with the pace. Either way, your job as a café owner is to turn your place into a can’t miss destination in your locality.

So, what is it that you can do to stand out and make your customers come back again and again? The answer to this is simple – serve delicious coffee.

To do that, you’ll need a top-grade commercial espresso grinder. A coffee grinder is going to be one of your greatest investments as it’ll ensure top-notch quality coffee drinks to your customers.

However, it can be quite overwhelming to look for one as there are numerous options out there. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry as we’ve done all the hard work and research for you. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best commercial coffee grinders. So, continue reading to find out which commercial coffee maker is right for you.

Best Overall
Wilbur Curtis Coffee Grinder 5.0 Lb Grinder With Single Hopper, Low Profile - Commercial Burr...
Runner Up
BUNN LPG Low Profile Portion Control Grinder with 1 Hopper
Best Budget
KRUPS offee Grinder with Scale, 39 grind settings, large 14 oz capacity, intuitive interface, Black
Best Overall
Wilbur Curtis Coffee Grinder 5.0 Lb Grinder With Single Hopper, Low Profile - Commercial Burr...
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Runner Up
BUNN LPG Low Profile Portion Control Grinder with 1 Hopper
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Best Budget
KRUPS offee Grinder with Scale, 39 grind settings, large 14 oz capacity, intuitive interface, Black
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Best Commercial Coffee Grinder Reviews

With a wide range of coffee grinders available today, we understand how overwhelming it can be to find one that’s not just suited for your business but also fits your budget. That is why we listed our recommendation of the top Commercial Coffee Grinder on the market to ease the process.

1. Wilbur Curtis Burr Grinder – Best Overall Commercial Coffee Grinder

First in our list is the Wilbur Curtis Burr Grinder, which is among the industry’s favorite coffee grinders available today. Specially designed with restaurant or café owners in mind, this grinder is a perfect choice for use in cafes, hotel restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

The Wilbur Curtis grinder comes with a highly powerful and robust motor followed by a circuit breaker for safety reasons. Featuring large grinding burrs, the Wilbur Curtis ensures faster and efficient operations, which is quite useful in high volume restaurants or coffee shops.

It’s also extremely accurate and boasts a consistent throw. It can evenly distribute coffee grounds with a low dust rate. It also ensures optimum flavor extraction thanks to its commercial-grade burrs.

Moreover, it boasts a user-friendly interface so anyone can operate it with ease, which makes it a reliable coffee grinder for professionals and novices alike. As for cleaning and maintenance, you won’t have any issues.

With innovative features, robust design, and high performance, the Wilbur Curtis grinder is certainly worth investing in if you are looking for the best overall coffee grinder.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Great features


  • Some buyers complain of receiving broken components
  • Slightly noisy

2. Bunn LPG Grinder – The Runner Up

The BunnLPG Grinder is another worthy contender and is ideal for use in high volume cafes or coffee shops. If you want to serve tasty coffee that will make your customers come back for more, then the BUNN LPG grinder might just be the right fit.

At just 15.1” tall and 8.64 wide, this coffee machine is quite compact, which is perfect for areas with limited space. So if the coffee brewing area in your café or coffee shop has limited space, you can still fit it easily as it won’t take much space.

This grinder has been designed especially for commercial purposes and as such, it packs a powerful, high torque motor that doesn’t produce much noise. Thanks to its large, top-grade grinding burrs, it delivers consistent professional grind every time.

It comes with a transparent bean hopper, which is quite helpful as it’ll help you determine the number of beans left in the coffee machine. Its bean hopper can accommodate about 6 lbs of beans so there’s always enough fresh coffee to serve your customers. It doesn’t come with a funnel though.


  • Quiet, high-torque motor
  • Consistent grind with each use
  • Top-grade grinding burrs


  • Doesn’t include funnel
  • Slightly expensive

3. Krups Coffee Grinder – Best Budget Product

Feel like starting your day with the smell of fresh coffee? Then the Krups Coffee Grinder will ensure that you have quality coffee with just a few touches. It can deliver premium sized coffee grains and it offers 39 grind sizes so there’s no need to worry about under round or over grounded coffee. Also, thanks to its multiple grind size options, you can carry out perfect brewing techniques including espresso, pour-over, or French Press.

Moreover, its user-friendly interface makes it feasible for every user. So it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, you can easily get the hang of it. Plus, with intriguing stainless steel design and robust looks, the Krups grinder will be a great purchase.

Another key advantage of this grinder is its larger grinding range, which is useful for those who wish to grind fresh coffee beans in both small and large batches. Also, its bean hopper is conveniently designed and can hold 1400 grams, which is almost an entire coffee bag.

You can easily remove it for washing and cleaning purposes and it features an auto-lock door that prevents the beans from falling out when you remove it for storing. Whether you want a single or the full amount of coffee, you just need to enter the amount and simply press the button. It’ll measure the dose automatically thanks to its Auto Dose feature.


  • Budget-friendly
  • User-friendly interface
  • Grinds efficiently and effectively


  • Slightly noisy
  • Somewhat uneven coarse coffee grounds

4. Bunn Bulk Coffee Grinder

The Bunn Bulk Coffe Grinder is a powerful tool that can easily grind about one pound of beans within just 30-45 seconds. With such an impressive grinding ability, this coffee maker features several grind options, be it coarse or fine coffee grounds, making it another worthy choice for your cafe. This model is suitable for use in supermarkets, café shops, and restaurants.

While it may be an industrial tool, the Bunn Bulk Coffee Grinder is easy to clean, operate, and produces quality coffee. With multiple bean hopper sizes ranging from 1-3 pounds, this grinder can manage different weight capacities for grinding coffee. It features 9 grind settings followed by sturdy precision burrs to ensure consistency.

It’s low-speed can produce an RPM of 1400, which is enough to easily grind a whole pound of beans in just 30 seconds. Moreover, it comes with a cleaning lever that helps in removing any leftover coffee present in the coffee chamber. This helps in preventing cross-contamination of the flavors.

Another incredible feature about this grinder is its ability to grind coffee directly into the retail bags, which is quite useful if you ever plan to sell your coffee grounds. Also, for safety reasons, the motor ceases to work if you remove the bag before grinding.

Designed with a sleek appearance, innovation, and power in mind, the Bunn Bulk Coffee Grinder will be surely a great investment for your coffee shop. That said, the grinder is over 50 lbs in weight and about 30 inches tall, which is slightly larger for use at home. However, if you’re on a tight budget, it might be a bit pricey.


  • Quick grinding
  • Bag safety lever
  • A convenient cleaning lever


  • Slightly pricey
  • Can be a bit loud, heavy, and tall

5. Baratza Virtuoso+ Grinder

Finally, we have this incredibly sophisticated yet equally powerful coffee machine from Baratza. If you fancy both manual style brewing methods as well as espresso-based brews, then the Baratza Burr Coffee Grinder might just be the one you need.

This is an updated version of their top-rated coffee grinder, the Baratza Virtuoso, which has been one of the popular coffee grinders in the industry for over two decades now. The company has ramped up its popular grinder by adding some incredible features and neat design.

With LED-lit bin, metallic, sleek black body, and a unique digital display on its front, the Baratza Virtuoso+ looks and feels like a futuristic machine. The commercial-grade DC motor and burrs work in tandem to reduce heat, friction, and grind beans consistently. With premium-quality conical burrs, the Virtuoso+ grinds at 550 RPMs and delivers extremely consistent grounds every day.

As for its hopper, it’s made of premium transparent plastic and can accommodate 8 oz of coffee. The Virtuoso+, however, is slightly larger and weighs about 8lbs so maneuvering it won’t be comfortable. Also, it’s more on the expensive side.

That said, the Baratza Virtuoso+ grinder boasts a user-friendly interface as you need to press a few buttons to operate it. The labels make it crystal clear and easy to use. Thanks to its 40 grinding settings, you can grind for just about any brewing style, except for Turkish coffee. So the bottom lines are: excellent coffee machine with several grinding settings, highly-efficient performance, and quite durable, making it another great contender.


  • Extremely consistent grind
  • Commercial-grade components
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning


  • Slightly on the expensive side
  • A bit heavier and larger

Coffee Grinder for Commercial Use Buying Guide

Coffee Grinder

In this section, we’ll be discussing some factors that are worth considering before purchasing one of these coffee grinders. Following are some key points to note when looking to purchase coffee grinders for commercial purposes:

Coffee Grinder Types

When looking for commercial-grade coffee grinders, you’re going to find different types of commercial grinders including Burr grinders, Doser grinders, doserless grinders, stepped grinders, and stepless grinders. Each type offers unique grinding capabilities and functions. However, the most preferred grinders for commercial purposes are burr and conical burr grinders.

Hopper Size

Some models come with bean hoppers that can accommodate one or more pounds of coffee beans. When looking to purchase a coffee grinder, make sure you’re aware of your business needs.


While a variety of grinding settings will certainly offer more options, it doesn’t mean you need 500 setting options. Essentially, if you want to try every brewing style, 40+ settings will work. For most common brewing styles, 20-40 settings are enough. Also, remember manual settings take more time while programmed settings offer more flexibility.

Commercial Coffee Grinder FAQs

Coarse ground coffee

In this section, we’ll be covering some frequently asked questions that most buyers of small business coffee grinders have.

What’s the Best Way to Clean a Commercial Coffee Grinder?

The best way to clean a commercial coffee grinder is to first clean the hopper by closing the hopper gate and lifting it off the grinder. Then, wash it off with mildly warm soapy water and dry it with a towel.

For doser grinders, empty the grinder’s chamber by pulling its dosing lever continuously until all the coffee grounds have been removed. To keep the grinder chamber internals and burrs dry and clean, brush it using the grinder brush.

What is a Burr Coffee Grinder?

Burr coffee grinders refer to a type of coffee grinder that’s available out there. It’s also greatly preferred for commercial purposes as it allows flexibility for grind sizes and grind adjustments. The two most common burr grinders used in most coffee shops are flat burr grinders and conical burr grinders.

Can You Grind Nuts with a Coffee Grinder?

Yes, you can actually use coffee grinders to grind nuts. Whether you’re crusting chicken tenders or making cookies, you’ll be using chopped nuts. Simply toss the nuts into the coffee grinder and pulse till ground.

Find the Best Coffee Grinder That’s Right for You

We believe this comprehensive guide on small business coffee grinders has provided you with valuable information. Whatever your preference or budget, we are certain that our best commercial coffee grinders review will simplify your search for the right coffee grinder for your business.

Because we understand that everyone would have different needs, we’ve listed different varieties of coffee grinders so there’s one for every budget and taste. If you are looking for the best overall coffee grinder for business needs then we highly recommend the Wilbur Curtis Burr Grinder.

If your budget is a bit tight, then go for Krups Coffee Grinder. This doesn’t mean that rest of the products covered are any less, there’s certainly no accurate answer as to which product is the best one for you. It all depends on your budget and what your business needs.

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